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Hakim Aktau Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Nobel Brothers home Museum.

Farewell lunch for Ambassador of Uzbekistan, His Excellency Ismatulla Irgashev. Present were: Ambassador of Ukraine, Ambassador of Turkey, Ambassador of Russia, Ambassador of Moldova, Ambassador of Belorussia, Ambassador of Kazakhstan.

Famous Georgian singers Nani Bregvadze and Buba Kikabidze in Baku Nobel Oil Club

Party in honor of Mr. Kamil Mamedov. Emanuel Nobel Memorial Medal and Certificate were given to Mr. Kamil Mamedov on behalf of Baku Nobel Heritage Fund

Presentation of album of Mrs. Baguirov “Yola-Yola”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of BP Mr. Carl-Henric Svanberg received memorial Emmanuel Nobel Bronze medal and special Certificate on behalf of BNHF, Nobel International Fraternity and Nobel Sustainability Trust, sister organizations

Former US Congressman Curt Weldon with his US friend Dr. Haq and Gustaf Nobel at the museum.

Azerbaijani-Swedish Ladies round table on Role of women in modern society.

The member of Europarlament Mr. Gunnar Hokmark and MP Dr. Asim Mollazade in Baku Nobel Heritage Fund.

Foreign Minister of Finland, Erkki Tuomioja in VP.

Young Swedish delegation at BNOC.

Swedish Ladies MP’s at Nobel Brothers Home museum.

Delegation of City Hall of Kazan at VP.

Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Azerbaijan Serik Primbetov, Speaker of the Senate of Kazakhstan Kairat Mami and Chairman of BNHF Dr. Togrul Bagirov.

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