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Igor Popov and Yuri Merzlyakov, the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmen

After the meeting with President of National Academy of Sciences Academician Mahmud Kerimov

Before the meeting in Baku State Economic University, at which Philip Nobel, Vice-Chairman of Nobel Charitable Trust, was awarded as honorary doctor of BSEU

Rector of the BSEU, MP, honorable Sh. Hajiev receiving Emanuel Nobel memorial medal

Receiving delegation of Foreign Ministry of Sweden in Villa Petrolea

Swedish Foreign Ministry delegation with members and trustees of BNHF and BNOC

Swedish guests in Sweden House in Villa Petrolea

Ombudsman, Dr. Elmira Suleymanova with trustees of BNOC after receiving honorary membership card

Ambassador Hans Gunnar Aden and _____________ in BNOC during the reception in honour of Swedish Foreign Ministry official delegation

Ambassador Hans Gunnar Aden speaking at the reception on behalf of Swedish delegation. At his left - Academician M. Kerimov, President of National Academy of Sciences.

Nobels and Baku Oil book, sponsored by BNHF, SOCAR, Statoil and Ministry of Culture of AR presented to ______________ as a memory

Special guest of BNHF, founder of the World Academy of design Semiramis Pekan with Nobels in BNOC

Gustaf Nobel, Semiramis Pekan and Philip Nobel in the Club

View from the inner yard to the Villa Petrolea

Delegation from Singapore headed by Foreign Minister hosted by SOCAR CEO in Villa Petrolea

Philip Nobel at 18th Caspian Oil&Gas conference listening to his cousin Gustaf Nobel

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