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On June 17, a delegation of top managers of BP oil company was at Villa Petrolea.

On June 19 on the occasion of Swedish National Day, start of Midsummer holidays and First European Games there was a big reception at Nobel House. Swedish National Team was present at the reception alongside with many other guests and dignitaries ( in total 250 people).

On Saturday, June 20 the Governor of Mangistau (Aktau) region of Kazakhstan visited Villa Petrolea with his family.


Pras Michel,two-time Grammy-winning American pop star,former soloist of legendary Fugees music group was a special guest of the Baku Nobel Heritage Fund.Recently Mr.Michel released a documentary film "Sweet Micrey for President" about his home country Haiti.The film is nominated for Oskar 2016 and received many other prizes and international recognition.On July 4,2015 Pras Michel was granted a memorial medal of the BNHF Ludvig and Emanuel Nobel's for his contributions to the development of country Haiti.

On July 8,2015 a group of scholars and students from US attending the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy Energy Summer school has visited the Villa Petrolea.

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